Scope of Services


• Design/Build

Allsup has designed/built over 100 CNG facilities throughout California plus a number of methane detection systems and three Hydrogen  fueling stations and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.  Our engineering team  has unparalleled  experience in the design and construction of   CNG fueling stations.

• Construction

Our experienced construction team are specialists in the safe, timely and cost-effective delivery of CNG facilities in California. Most work is performed with our own personnel which enables greater control over project variables.

• Permitting

Having designed/built CNG facilities in over 70 agencies over the last 15 years we have a keen understanding of the inconsistent  permitting requirements necessary to build a CNG facility.

• Grants

Navigating and understanding the various grant requirements and their availability and restrictions can be an overwhelming  process. Using our team of grant writers we’ve successfully enabled a number clients to obtain CNG, Hydrogen  and EV charging station grants throughout California.

• Maintenance

It almost impossible to be a successful builder of CNG facilities without providing your client with post construction support. Our team of trained technicians currently provide ‘maintenance’ on a vast number of CNG facilities throughout California, therefore enabling our clients minimized downtime and cost-effective operations.