Converting to CNG

If you are considering converting to CNG, Allsup can take you through the entire process from concept to hook-up. There is no substitute for experience and we leave no stone unturned. A stringent feasibility study and meticulous design process will ensure that your facility is in compliance with all state applicable codes and regulations.

Over 100 CNG stations built

Allsup has built over 100 CNG facilities throughout California including a number of building modifications for methane detection. Our resources are in house with a professional team of experienced engineers. They are experts in designing, building and maintaining CNG facilities.

– We currently maintain over 30 CNG facilities
– We have designed/built three hydrogen facilities
– We have successfully assisted in writing and obtaining grants for multiple CNG, hydrogen and E.V. facilities


Let us get you connected

From grant writing and financing to construction and operation let Allsup show you how to get connected. We will help you select the right equipment and guide you every step of the way.

·         Determine which equipment to use.
·         Help write grants for the project
·         Assist in obtaining financing for the project
·         Design and permit the project
·         Build the project
·         Operate and maintain the project.
Is the property zoned appropriately? 
Are all of the required utilities available?
What effect will their hook-up costs have on the projects financial viability?